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The Best Minds Yield The Best Results

Education, Training And Experience Combine To Help Your Business Grow.

HongGuan is at the forefront of the Software and Hardware platform industry. Our cloud-based service aims to revolutionise the app market by providing Saas(Software as a Service)platform that allows SMEs and individuals with little to no prior technical knowledge to create their own app.

Our concept here at Mobirise is to empower SMEs and individuals with the convenience of in-house App development, Hardware development and management while remaining cost and time-efficient. Whether you’re self-building using our Business App platform, using our Premium Build service, or partnering with us as White Label Reseller, our goal is to leverage the power of mobile, to add value to your business.

Our Skills

HongGuan has provided for website developers a growing library of modern blocks which can be used either partially or in full for every website developed through the builder.


Mobile App Development

Mobile Game Development

Hardware Development

Our Founder and CEO

Our developers are happy! Our developers work in team! We always talk about the team, we build things as a team, and never as a single developer. Even if your project is small enough for a single developer, there will still be a team involved in designing, creating and testing of the project. Because we know this is the right way to do it. And we keep our developers happy. Which leads to the best, and only best results you can get.

Top Developers of Our Team

Most likely, single developer will not enjoy every aspect of the project. He will get unhappy. Tired. Which leads to compromises.


Chief Technology Officer

He is a chief technology officer with a background in Computer Science. During his adventures, he worked on several projects. He has now joined forces with HongGuan to assist with responsive web development and performance.


Mobile Game Developer

5 years of experience as a programmer and developer, currently working on Android game design and development. Is a trained musician, worked as a professor of classical guitar and is still a conductor and a composer.


Web Developer && QA Tester

He has more than 10 years experiences with Web Development. MS in Web App Development with experiences of Angularjs, Nodejs, and ReactJS. With a lot of tendency in further improvement and learning new technologies.


Full Stack Developer

He is a freelance full stack developer. He is good at modern web technologies. He has founded two companies. He loves data-driven design, continuous deployment, and customer development.


Web FrontEnd Developer

He is a senior frontend web developer. He knows the modern frontend frameworks like React, Angular, Vue and so on. He provides with nice delivery all the time, and happy to support any bugs happened, and fix asap.

Fang Fang Deng

Software Engineer

He is a senior software engineer. He knows a various of modern ways how to build web and mobile applications, and he has very good knowledge and extensive experiences how to figure out some technical problem solving.



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